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Sky Hawke: Building Steam

Time travel, sky pirates, a government conspiracy, and Nikola Tesla.
What more could you possibly ask for?

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Meet the author

    Renée Fleury is a professional photographer who resides in western Connecticut. She has been a writer for as long as she can remember, dreaming up tales and poetry that entertain many. She uses her gift for storytelling in her photography, and can often be found on the job at many cultural and cosplay events around her local area. If you would like to know more about her professional accomplishments, please visit Sky Captain Productions.

    For a writer, inspiration comes in many forms, from all areas life. Most notably for Renée, the outdoors and her son, Dante have inspired her deeply, lifting her imagination to new heights. Renée is a proud member of the steampunk community, and affectionately known by her stage name, Sky Captain Hawke. It is their heartfelt support and encouragement that greatly influenced her debut novel, Building Steam. Along the way she met many unforgettable characters, whom she has cleverly woven into the Sky Hawke saga. Building Steam is the third novel she has written, but the first to be published, and it will be followed by many more.

    Renée is outgoing and friendly, so if you see her at an event, don't be afraid to say hello.

My Books

   Sky Captain Kira Hawke has been running from herself for a long time. She's headstrong, set in her ways, and beyond stubborn. Beneath all of that, however, is a caged bird who longs for freedom from her many troubles. When she finds herself immersed in a dangerous conspiracy, in an alien realm, it's time to stop running. In an effort to repair her badly damaged airship, she enlists the help of a young mechanic by the name of Nikola Tesla, who comes aboard a little too willingly. In a world where loyalty is fleeting, Kira must rely on her untested crew, and put her life into the hands of the woman who nearly killed her.


    Renée J. Fleury of Danbury, Connecticut is seeking Kickstarter funds for her first novel, Sky Hawke: Building Steam. She describes it as “a swashbuckling steampunk adventure, inspired by my own personal journey of self discovery.” The Kickstarter page includes a prologue. She’s currently editing the book and plans an April 2020 release.

    She’s seeking $1000 to help cover the costs of publishing and promotion. She expects to sell the book at steampunk and literary events, and plans to present panels on topics mentioned in the story, including “pirates and privateers, Tesla vs Edison, and antique aviation.” The campaign launched Jan 29 and runs through March 28.


Steampunk Digest - January 31, 2020

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