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The Federal Fleet's Most Wanted

The characters of Building Steam

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'First Officer' Kenneth Townsend
Wanted for obstruction of justice
and resisting arrest

    Kenneth (Kent) Townsend is the first mate of notorious sky pirate, Sky Captain Kira Hawke. He is second in command of privately owned warship, The Cimarron, and is known to be brash, temperamental, and unlawfully loyal to his captain.

    This outlaw was last seen just outside of Manhattan, assisting in the destruction of a federal ironclad airship. When apprehended for questioning, he denied any and all involvement with Hawke, and murdered a federal sergeant. He must be brought to justice! With your help, we can track Townsend and Hawke, and bring an end to a decade long scandal. Report any and all information regarding this man to your local law enforcement immediately, and keep a watchful eye while at sky port.

Sky Captain Kira Hawke
Wanted for crimes of piracy
and inter-dimensional travel

    Have you seen this woman? Captain of The Cimarron airship, Ms. Hawke is hard to miss. She uses her oversized freighter as a smoke screen, entering our ports under the disguise of "business". She claims to be selling her wares -deadly Hawke weapons forged by her own hand- but there is good reason for suspicion. What's really in those unmarked crates? The Federal Fleet has evidence to believe she is trading pirated, illicit goods.


    Kira Hawke's shady business practices, dimensional transcending activities, and strict acts of defiance are well known and documented by the Federal Fleet, yet she manages to evade capture. Help bring a dangerous sky pirate to justice! If you encounter this criminal, do not hesitate to inform your local law enforcement. A Fleet officer will be dispatched to follow up.

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Nikola Tesla
#1 Most Wanted - REWARD!
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Captain Leila Arryn
#4 Most Wanted - REWARD!

    DANGEROUS! DO NOT APPROACH! Too many have already lost their lives to this notorious sky pirate. Captain Leila Arryn is wanted for a lifetime of crime, and she continues to terrorize our skies. Her vessel, known as The Roc, is the only thing more deadly than she is. If you happen to encounter this she-devil (and live to tell about it) call your local law enforcement immediately! Or, notify the Federal Fleet with any and all information you have, regarding her whereabouts.

    Help us rid the air of a foul adversary once and for all. Join the Federal Fleet in protecting the skies by doing your part: stay safe, stay vigilant, and never let down your guard. A hefty reward will be given to anyone who can bring her to justice!

    The Federal Fleet has been searching for Nikola Tesla for decades. His crimes against humanity include the forging of a super weapon, inter-dimensional contact, time travel, and the destruction of several federal ironclad airships. Certainly, the list goes on. He meddles with forces he cannot control, and is a danger to everything our world stands for. He must be stopped!

    If you see this man, send word directly to Vice Admiral Bryant of the Federal Fleet. Do not approach him and do not, under any circumstances, try to apprehend him. He is nothing short of dangerous. A reward will be given to anyone who can successfully help us bring him to justice.

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